School reopens!

The previous two weeks were hectic to say the least. School reopened for all classes on 1st June, which meant that G's vacations were over. He took it reasonably well and seeing as he was shuffled this year and his best friend was in another section, he was slightly nervous. But he has gotten used to the school routine now. As for me, my Allen classes got started which means that I stay at the school for an extra two hours so I have a bigger workload now.

One good thing about this year is that there are not many examinations so the projects have reduced in number. This is the silver lining of the new system which is greatly appreciated by me. Also I do now have two sources of homework but it is manageable. I don't understand what is the thought process of a parent when demanding extra homework for their child. Especially when it affects all students. I mean who loves extra homework?

G is also now immersed in studies and homework. He is now in fifth grade which reminds me when…

Random updates

It has been almost an year since I last blogged at all. And what an year it was! It was a complete whirlwind of an year, crammed with studies, homework, projects, quizzes and more and my blog was neglected as a result. Something I wasn't happy with. So here I am back to blogging and I will continue to try do update my blog regularly as possible for me. I have reached 10th standard now, so the inevitable Board exams add importance to this year. Coupled with other studies, this year seems to be quite eventful to say the least.

Few things have changed this year in the pattern of evaluation. Now, the comprehensive year-long assessment has been rolled back and 80% of our final grade is the Board exam. Also this time, we have to study the whole book for all the subjects for our Boards. Needless to say, we as students weren't jumping with joy at this decision and being the first batch to undergo this also feels like undue extra stress.

However I think with the right amount of studyi…

The New Datsun redi-GO, a stunning new car

The new Datsun redi-Go is a stunner of a car. That too in the most competitive car segment that can be found in India. With the majority sentiment of the market being that of budget-consciousness, the budget hatchback segment is the most heavily contested space in the Indian car market. With great value for cars and the highest sales of any segment, this is a prized segment to lead in. Here enters the Datsun redi-Go. It is the new entrant in the crowded and competitive small cars niche that the Renault Kwid took by storm last year, overthrowing the Alto series and the Hyundai Eon. Datsun’s latest car has a similar type of appeal but promises to be a game-changer. This car is one to watch!
The Datsun redi-Go is a very unique car compared to its competitors. It has a much different vibe and it is also packed to brim with features. I quite liked these three features that caught my eye:
The Exterior Design: The “Yukan” design of the Datsun redi-Go makes it a sight to behold in the market. Th…

It is a Fantastico Feeling!

There I was, sitting down, Heart racing, palms sweaty and all my attention on the stage. The adrenaline coursing through me was making me restless. The centerpiece of everyone's attention, the teacher goes on with her speech. Oh, people have started staring at me, what is the reason? I furiously try to come to some sort of conclusion. Finally, I realize that I have been tapping my feet on the ground. I stop that and start paying attention to the teacher again.
“We are going to conduct a head lice examination every day at the entrance,” wait that doesn’t sound right? Oops my attention drifted away. “We have had a very successful year so far and the science department has achieved a lot.” Yep that sounds correct, wait don’t disturb she is getting to the point. Oops where are my manners, I am Siddharth and as for how I reached here well I’ll need to explain. First things first, I am in the school auditorium waiting to hear the results for the huge science contest held during the year (…

Anaaj ka Nashta

Breakfast are really important. We may often skip breakfasts but it is one of the most important meals you have. In my house, cornflakes are my friends. My brother and i just absolutely love something interesting and delicious to eat for breakfast. Kellogg's cornflakes and Chocos are favourites for breakfast among us in our house. We have a routine after getting up in the morning and getting ready to go to school which includes the favourite part of eating a bowl of delicious Kellogg's Chocos or cornflakes. That is one part that we actively like and running out of cornflakes means my brother pestering till he sees that a new packet has been bought.

Cornflakes and Chocos can be a delight for us. The crispiness of the cornflakes or chocos at the top goes really well with some from the bottom. The mingling textures and feeelings seem to enthrall you. The flavour of the cornflakes is spectacular and is great to eat for breakfast. Also with the fact that Kellogg's cornflakes i…

My bundle of hope

My brother is someone who will watch my back always. He can give so much joy and you cannot stay sad when he comes and reassures. He is pretty straightforward and has the guts to say something that he thinks about you to your face regardless of your age or your feelings. He somehow manages to be sweet and annoying. He can never tolerate anyone saying anything to me as long as it is not him. After all, only he should get the exclusive right to hit me and annoy or irritate me with a barrage of teases. If anyone scolds me or hits me, he is going look for that person, find the person and scold the person. He has a very specific set of skills which comes from years of experience and experimentation on me. Annoying is among the top of that list. He is someone that can lift me up when I am feeling bad. He is like my bundle of optimism, optimism to face the world.

So my brother came into this world on September 5th 2006, just a little more than four years after I was born. I was pretty jealo…

Refreshing Change

Change can be so refreshing. Of course not all change is good but when something changes for the good then it can be extremely refreshing and something that will be loved. Change happens every day and every second. Sometimes it is good and other times it is bad. Even we continuously change either for good or for bad. The change may be small but it can mean a lot.
Change can signify that we are moving forward or are happier. A change in me that may be considered minute or insignificant did mean a lot to mean. It defined how I faced bullying from that moment onwards. That change seemingly small has now become something very dear to me. The incident is a bit old. I was around 8 or 9 years old at that time. Before that year I mainly had my neighbours who were around my age as my friend. We used to play a lot of cricket during that time especially during the summers. Then my friend who was older than me introduced me to his group of friends to play with them
I was the smallest in that g…