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Another year and another indiblogger meet. So far the meets have been sort of a mixed bag for me. My very first meet (incidentally at the same venue ITC Gardenia) was the Nokia app tasting when the lumia was launched and various apps were being shown by the two hosts of the night Vikas Khanna and Rajiv Makhni. They also engaged in a lot of fun events with all of us. This was one of the best meets I’ve attended so from then on, going to an indiblogger meet in Bangalore was a must. 
Then came the HP meet about their line of printers, counterfeiting and authenticity. They also spoke in detail about the problems faced by companies with popular items being counterfeited. Other than that, the rest of the meet was pretty fun and was arguably the best meet I have attended. Then we stumbled upon three not so good meets which made us have a little bit of doubt(insert hmm here). So then came the happy hour and the meet. Well the meet needed invites which was never seen before me so this is getti…

ASUS Eeebook X205TA - The tablet that I always wanted

I have to tell you that I love my tablet. It is my father’s iPad. I like a lot of things about it. It has a 10 inch screen. It has great Apps. I play my favourite games Clash of Clans on it. I have read a lot of e-books on it. I like the resolution of the screen. But I don’t like a few things about it. It is too heavy to hold for long durations. This is something which hurts a lot when I read books on it for a long time. It doesn’t have the standard output ports like USB, HDMI and card reader.
I have seen Dad work on his Macbook Pro Retina. It is a powerful and light ultrabook. I have watched movies over it and have never felt like I must watch it on a big screen. I have read e-books on it too. Now, I feel that instead of my iPad I could do very well with a notebook which is light and powerful. Enter ASUS EeeBook X205TA. First thing I like about it is its weight! It is a notebook which weighs 980 grams only. With a notebook, I am also relieved of the need to carry it to do anything on …

A healthy child keeps home happy

Healthy kids are happy kids. This is from my personal experience of falling ill and how everyone in the house gets stressed out when I am unwell. Ever since I came to Bangalore, I have been experiencing allergies and illnesses many times a year. This was taking a toll on the happiness of everyone in the family. I would be sneezing all day, unable to study properly or play. I was also very irritable during such times.
Bangalore is a place where the weather usually stays on the cooler side and can drastically change over just a few hours. The mornings and nights can be really cold and in afternoon the temperature rises. This kind of weather did not suit me at all and took a heavy toll on my health.
There are specific seasons when allergies are on a rise. These seasons can be dubbed allergy seasons as the high amounts of pollen and dust are really irritating. I used to sneeze and cough nonstop in the school and at home. Illnesses were very common during these periods in our family. I used…