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Upgrade to a better car with Quikr NXT

If I had to upgrade my current car, the topic brings to mind so many lovely cars that I have been reading about and seeing on the roads. Well, the normal route of replacing one’s car is by buying a new one. But, I am not sure. I don’t think I want to go for a car loan just now given the precarious situation of finances at home. Hence, a second-hand car seems like a feasible option.
A city like Bangalore has a sizable population of techies and other professionals who relocate pretty often. One of my neighbors has been moving every couple of years. And, once they sold there brand new car for a bargain as they were in a rush to move. Hence, I believe that second-hand cars hold a lot of promise in terms of landing a great bargain. Most often, it is difficult to really know about a bargain before it is gone.
And that is when while looking for a computer table, I came across Quikr. Surprise, surprise Quikr also has used cars listed now. I browsed just out of interest and was hooked.
What I li…

Worry free life

Life is a mixed bag isn't it? All of us have something to do, something that they have to do, constant worries of some kind or the other. It would be really nice to have a life without any constraints weighing down upon us. A life free of worries. I guess we all must have daydreamed about this and about how nice that situation would be. If life did suddenly become like that then I am going to relax and do things that I always wanted to do. After all, relaxing is a part of life. All I know is that if life is ever going to flash that opportunity, I am not going to waste it. So this is on my to-do list or bucket list of things that I want to do if I have the chance to live without any worry financial or otherwise:
Travel: Yep, like many people I love to travel to new places with a lot of scenic destinations on my must-visit-once list. I love traveling and meeting people but most of all I love the beauty and the prospect of relaxing even though it is not for long. Yeah, I know I am a b…

The NXT big thing in classifieds

Our house is full of unwanted items in good shape but just getting neglected as there is no one at home using them. Of course we can give it to somebody but how will we know whether it will be used or not. That is where classifieds sites like Quikr come in. Now we can get some extra bucks while a customer walks with a good product and both of us win. This is pretty good as sites like Quikr offer a lot of customers for an item that has no use at home and therefore both the buyer and seller land some great deals. But classifieds have their limitations.
You do not know what kinds of people are browsing that site. In today’s world where a lot of shady people are there online, do you really want strangers to know your phone number? Or your email ID? We can’t trust everyone can we? Here’s where Quikr and its all new Quikr NXT comes in. My family and I have been using for quite a while now. We are happy so far by the services offered by which ensures easy selling and at…