Anaaj ka Nashta

Breakfast are really important. We may often skip breakfasts but it is one of the most important meals you have. In my house, cornflakes are my friends. My brother and i just absolutely love something interesting and delicious to eat for breakfast. Kellogg's cornflakes and Chocos are favourites for breakfast among us in our house. We have a routine after getting up in the morning and getting ready to go to school which includes the favourite part of eating a bowl of delicious Kellogg's Chocos or cornflakes. That is one part that we actively like and running out of cornflakes means my brother pestering till he sees that a new packet has been bought.

Cornflakes and Chocos can be a delight for us. The crispiness of the cornflakes or chocos at the top goes really well with some from the bottom. The mingling textures and feeelings seem to enthrall you. The flavour of the cornflakes is spectacular and is great to eat for breakfast. Also with the fact that Kellogg's cornflakes is healthier than the rest can give assurance. So we loved our 'anaaj ka nashta'

We love cornflakes and Chocos a lot and enjoy eating them but it does get a bit monotonous t have the same thing. We like things to be interesting. No solution was seemingly found and after a time we started feeling bored by the same old bowl cornflakes. A change was  desperately needed. Finally the change came and my mother started putting almonds and fruits in our bowl of cornflakes.

Well now that we had our change, you may think that it is the end of the story and you would be justified in thinking so but it was quite the contrary. Now after a while the change was starting to lose a bit of its charm and now we craved something that could transform the bowl of cornflakes that was quickly losing its appeal among us into something that will tantalize the tastebuds for years to come.

I am also frequently watch popular cooking shows like Masterchef Australia where quite often their are innovations made to deliver dishes that are spectacular in taste, a delight to watch and are made by ingredients that can seemingly be used for only specific dishes. So I watched and was hoping for something interesting and out of the box to delight us and transform my boring bowl of cornflakes.

Then when all hope was seemingly lost, I watched a Kellogg's advertisement about recipes and tasty dishes that can be made using cornflakes. Interested, I watched some recipes and showed them to my mother and voila! We now had loads of tasty dishes that can be made from cornflakes. That made me think about going to Kellogg's waale Guptaji ke ghar nashta knaane ke liye. I loved their recipes especially that milkshake with vanilla ice cream, almond and chocolate syrup. 


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