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It is a Fantastico Feeling!

There I was, sitting down, Heart racing, palms sweaty and all my attention on the stage. The adrenaline coursing through me was making me restless. The centerpiece of everyone's attention, the teacher goes on with her speech. Oh, people have started staring at me, what is the reason? I furiously try to come to some sort of conclusion. Finally, I realize that I have been tapping my feet on the ground. I stop that and start paying attention to the teacher again.
“We are going to conduct a head lice examination every day at the entrance,” wait that doesn’t sound right? Oops my attention drifted away. “We have had a very successful year so far and the science department has achieved a lot.” Yep that sounds correct, wait don’t disturb she is getting to the point. Oops where are my manners, I am Siddharth and as for how I reached here well I’ll need to explain. First things first, I am in the school auditorium waiting to hear the results for the huge science contest held during the year (…